Bach Flower Remedies


“So long as our Souls and personalities are in harmony all is joy and peace, happiness and health.”
Dr Edward Bach

Bach blossoms are to be discovered as a subtle and precious treasure and are natural elixirs, prepared from wild flowers and mineral water. Morning dew is a natural phenomenon and is used in preparing these.

Bach blossoms. The water absorbs energy from the flower under the influence of the sun. The 38 types of blossoms are linked with various emotions, humors, feelings and even different personality types.
They influence and restore the balance of the person through vibrations.
The harmony of the spirit is restored in order to enhance the natural resilience mechanism of the body.
The Bach blossoms work in a benign way and with respect for each person.

They allow negative emotions to be replaced with their positive potential.
The elixirs are in liquid form and have to be taken in a pure or diluted form, separate or combined with each other (6 or 7 max in a mix).
Alcohol is added to the base preparation for optimal conservation.
The method is simple, natural and efficient, without the risk of addiction or contra indications.