Hotstone massage – 1h30 – 99€

Basalt stones are real volcanic stones composed of pure lava. They are very smooth, contain high iron and store heat for up to 45 minutes.

To warm them up, the massage stones are immersed in water, the temperature of which varies between 50 and 65 degrees. The hot stones are then placed on sensitive or even painful points of the body such as the stomach, back, hands, feet and forehead. The heat radiates the body and allows you to relax completely.

At the start of the session, I apply a relaxing and relaxing essential oil on the back. This part of the body is massaged manually then with the previously heated rollers. Throughout the session, the hot stones will be used to massage, press and knead specific areas of the body. The feet and legs are also massaged with lukewarm massage oil.

After practicing strokes and rubs on the body, the hot stones can be placed on the spine and in the palms of the hands. Under the effect of heat, these energy points are stimulated and released. Once lying on your back, the same ritual can be performed on other parts of the body.