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My name is Martine. I have cultivated a passion for wellbeing and esthetics for over 26 years. I use my expertise for personalized and results oriented beauty treatments to perfection. I offer you a harmonic balance of beauty and nature through a complete range of treatments and natural products. I am also a qualified adviser of the Dr Edward Bach Flowers and can advise you on the Bach Remedies that best suit your emotional state.



Our extensive laboratory research into Native Collagen revealed advancements into enhancing the delivery and permeability of Soluble Native Collagen into the skin, while sustaining its deep hydration abilities.

With this discovery, we have integrated a unique and soluble blend of Advanced Hydrating Factors and Micro Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid into our collagen products.

What makes the ELTRADERM Soluble Native Collagen different?

Our Soluble Native Collagen is further enhanced with pro-collagen activators which work synergistically to deliver collagen into the skin and promote collagen production.

Skin treated with the ELTRADERM Soluble Native Collagen undergoes an improvement in skin hydration, moisture-retention, resilience, density, texture, and clarity. Healthy skin is beautiful skin!



Have you tried a GREEN PEEL® herbal treatment? This powerful, all-natural herbal peel renews the skin and treats skin problems.🌱

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