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My name is Martine. I have cultivated a passion for wellbeing and esthetics for over 26 years. I use my expertise for personalized and results oriented beauty treatments to perfection. I offer you a harmonic balance of beauty and nature through a complete range of treatments and natural products. I am also a qualified adviser of the Dr Edward Bach Flowers and can advise you on the Bach Remedies that best suit your emotional state.

Cocoon Wellness starts a new series of posts, thanks to Arkana Cosmetics, which you will learn the secrets of beauty, cosmetics and well-being.
We start with facial scrubs.
Did you know that there are several types of peeling? Their task is to remove dead skin cells for healthy, radiant and smooth skin that better absorbs nutrients from other care products. However, different scrubs work in a slightly different way.
The most popular types are:
🔹 enzymatic peels – based on enzymes that dissolve the epidermis
🔹 mechanical peels – with particles
Check what are the main differences between them and when to apply them! 👇
Click on individual photos and read the description.
Which peel will you choose for your skin?


Have you tried a GREEN PEEL® herbal treatment? This powerful, all-natural herbal peel renews the skin and treats skin problems.🌱

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