Laser Permanent Hair Removal

How does it work ?

The laser energy (810nm) penetrates the skin through the hair root. In contact with the pigment (melanin), the energy is transformed into heat. This heat permanently destroys the hair root.

For who?

Generally speaking, anybody can take advantage of this permanent laser hair removal. People with fair skin and dark hair have the best results. White and gray hair cannot be removed with laser. Dark skin is more difficult to treat. But thanks to a test session, effectiveness can be confirmed.

Also for men !

Is it permanent?

The result is permanent after 5 to 8 treatments. After a few years, new small hairs may appear. Hormonal changes are likely to be the origin of this hair growth. An annual beauty treatment is sometimes recommended.

Is it Painful?

Most people feel the treatment is less painful than waxing

The “plus” of the treatment

From the very start, you will experience the comfort of a soft skin. Problems with ingrown hairs belong to the past, as no hairs grow anymore. No stinging sensation or inflammations.


We will refund if hairs would reappear.

What to do to be prepared for the first permanent laser hair removal session?

Avoid the sun and sunbeds for at least 6 weeks prior to the first treatment and avoid self tanning creams for 2 weeks prior on the areas to be treated.
Do not remove hair with tweezers or wax for 6 weeks prior to treatment. You can shave the area three days in advance, so little stubbles will appear. This is not necessary for the face.
If you are taking any medication, please advice us before starting the treatment.

What is the difference between our LightSheer Laser and other frequently used flash lamps (IPL)?

Naevi as a result of overheating or skin burning are excluded with the diode laser, thanks to the registred laser head cooled at 5°C.

People with skin type III, IV, V or even VI, can receive safe and effective treatment.
Dark-skin types require special settings that are not available on traditional lasers appliances.
The LightSheer emits its energy at the accurate wavelengh, used to its full potential.
The IPL flash lamp, on the other hand, uses a wide spectrum of which a major part is useless and harmful.
90% of the market still uses the IPL flash light method.
The LightSheer removes hairs that IPL cannot remove.