Body science – Slimming wrap


Many women wish to have a firm body silhouette.

Nobody wants to have the undesired “orange peel” skin. Mostly, bumps appear on thighs, bottom and belly, even the upper arms can be affected.

With this Body Science Slimming Wrap Treatment the appearance of cellulite can be improved. The skin receives more strength and the silhouette appears firmer and smoother.

Dr Schrammek Body Science, slimming wrap treatment.. consists of a combination of a gentle skin peel, the application of products containing skincare and detoxifying ingredients a cling wrap and specialised massage techniques.

Mesurements to your problem areas are taken at the start.

The treatment begins with a skin peel to the problem area, it provides for a better penetration of products applied thereafter, retexturises the skin, and stimulates blood flow to the area required for activity of cells responsible for collagen and elastin production.

The specialised massage technique provides for better detoxification, stimulates metabolism and relieves tension.

The key benefit is optimal absorption of ingredients, that assist with your slimming and cellulite goals, leaving the skin firmer and smoother – and indeed you feel and see the difference in the days to follow


= Ginger – for its vasodilation properties
= Guarana – rich in antioxidants, promotes weightless, improves skin appearance, plus many more benefits
= Chilli and mustard sprout – detoxifying, improves elasticity

Treatment time: 70 – 90 minutes. 6 sessions required, ideally once a week.

A great way to maintain a smooth, firm and well toned appearance !!!