At Cocoon wellness, all epilations (waxings) are done with natural low temperature one way resin designed for delicate skins.

The advantages of hair removal done with wax

  • It makes wonderfully soft and smooth skin
  • The hair system is gradually weakened by regular sessions
  • The new hair that grows is milder, clearer and becomes gradually finer
  • Regrowth is slower compared to other techniques of hair removal since the hair bulb is removed with the hair, allowing space out between hair removal for 3 to 5 weeks
  • The hair does not tend to grow under the skin as is the case when using a device that tears the hair
  • The thin layer of resin filled on the skin doesn’t involve any risk to the legs of persons with problems of venous insufficiency (varicose veins)
  • This waxing technique is perfectly hygienic


  • To perform a hair removal the hair to be eliminate must have a length of at least 5 mm, except on the face where they can be removed even if they are shorter.
  • It is recommended not to expose oneself to the sun or to do a UV cabin session for 24 hours following the waxing has been done because the sebum stratum film of the skin. (thin film protecting the surface of the epidermis) is removed at the same time as the hair.
  • To facilitate the process, it is preferable not to apply cream or oil on the body before the epilation.
  • Never take a hot bath just before the hair removal.
  • When there are many ingrowing hairs, housed under upper layer of skin, it is recommended that you practice a peeling skin the day before the hair removal because this unveils the subcutaneous hair. Such a peeling can be done at your home or at Cocoon Wellness.
  • On sensitive skin types, a mild and transient irritation can be experienced after the hair removal, but it disappears very quickly.
  • Do not use deodorant containing alcohol after the hair removal.